01 Mar 2018

MSO Express: Newsletter Issue 7


Dear MSO Members,
More than 600 delegates and speakers descended upon Malacca in March this year to make the 33rd Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ophthalmic Congress 2018, focussed on Cataract & Refractive Surgery, one of the most successful international ophthalmic meetings to be held in Malaysia this year. There were delegates from afar as the Maldives and Canada and we welcomed our neighbours from Singapore and Thailand as, for the first time, the Asean Ophthalmology Society (AOS) officially joined in to support the congress. The MSO must record its gratitude to all who participated in this effort to organise, present, sponsor, and part-take in the sharing of knowledge at this annual congress which has grown to become a 'staple event' for Ophthalmologists in Malaysia.



Blindness following cosmetic filler injection in the face

The field of aesthetic medicine is gaining popularity
around the world and this is also true for Malaysia.
With the increasing demand for cosmetic facial
injections, an increase in the complications associated
with the procedure is inevitable.


Involutional entropion: A common and vision threatening condition among the elderly

Eyelid margin malpositions account for a large
proportion of daycare Oculoplastic surgery cases.
Apart from ptosis and lid retraction, eyelid margin
malpositions include entropion, ectropion and epiblepharon.


Recurrent chalazion in the upper eyelid, annoying or something different?

Periocular lesions are some of the most common complaints
encountered in Ophthalmic practice. Whilst
some of the diagnoses may be obvious, some are not.



MSO Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

4 - 5 August 2018

Sheraton Hotel, PJ
3rd Ophthalmology Optometry Conference 2018

10 -12 August 2018

Aman Jaya Convention Centre, Ipoh, Perak
8th Conjoint Ophthalmology Scientific Conference 2018 (COSC2018)

15th – 16th September 2018

The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur


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