The Keshmahinder Singh Oration Fund was established by the Ophthalmological Society of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), from a fund donated by the late Dato’ Dr Keshmahinder Singh (1921-2007).

The Oration

The Oration is an annual event of the Malaysia Society of Ophthalmology (previously the Ophthalmological Society of the MMA), to be delivered on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting or Scientific Congress.

The Orator

The Orator is a distinguished person in the field of Ophthalmology who has made valuable contributions to the discipline. The Orator will preferably but not necessarily alternate between a Malaysian/Singaporean and an overseas ophthalmologist each year.

The subject matter of the Oration will be the choice of the Orator and may be clinical research, preventive ophthalmology, education or new innovations as long as it contributes to the advancement of ophthalmology. The selection of the Orator will be made by the committee of the Ophthalmology Society from nominations received.

The Award

The award will be in the form of:

  • A medal
  • A plaque with the appropriate inscription
  • A certificate


The sum of RM100,000 donated by the late Dato’ Dr Keshmahinder Singh into the Keshmahinder Singh Oration Fund will be managed by the MMA Foundation Eye Fund.

Previous Orations

Year Orator Oration
2017 Dr Andrew Chang Vitreoretinal Surgery - An Unexpected Adventure
2015 Prof Frank Martin Challenges in Pediatric Ophthalmology
2013 Professor Dr. Lim Tock Han Transforming Graduate Medical Education in Ophthalmology
2012 Prof Dr Che Muhaya Mohamad Ophthalmology and Character Building
2011 Dr Gomathy Kumar The Hot Seat as Head of Ophthalmology
2010 Prof David S I Taylor
Through the Ophthalmoscope
2009 Dr George Thomas
An Ophthalmic Oddysey
2008 Prof Susan L Lightman
Immunosuppression in Uveitis
2007 Dr Lai Yoon Kee
A Personal Oddysey – postoperative endophthalmitis
2006 Prof David Wong
What Can We Do to Improve the Results of Retinal Detachment Surgery?
2005 Dato’ Dr Y C Lee
Phacoemulsification in difficult situations
2004 Prof Gordon N Dutton
Damage of the Brain – a common cause of visual impairment in children
2003 Dr Pall Singh a/l Teja Singh
Indications for vitrectomy
2002 Prof Douglas J Coster
Developments in Ocular Therapeutics – a contribution from an academic centre
2001 Dr Ronald Yeoh
Lessons in Cataract Surgery
2000 Prof Ian J Constable
Progress in the Management of Macular Degeneration
1999 Prof Dato’ S Selvarajah
The Aging Eye
1998 Dr James F Cullen
Optic Nerve Sheath Menigiomas
1997 Prof Arthur S M Lim
Acute Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma