(revision of March 2015)

  1. Source of funding - MSO
  2. Purpose
    • To encourage the presentation of original research by Malaysian ophthalmologists and trainees at an international level.
    • The presentation will be in the form of an oral presentation of a scientific research paper. Invited didactic lectures are excluded.
    • Meetings eligible
      • APAO Congress
      • WCO
      • ESCRS Meeting
      • AAO Annual Meeting
      • ARVO Annual Meeting
      • Subspecialty meetings of an equivalent level*
        *to be decided on a case-by-case basis
  3. Number of grants available
    • One grant per half year, i.e. Jan – Jun (1), Jul – Dec (1)
  4. Eligibility and conditions
    • The recipient must have been a member of the MSO for at least 1 year at the time of travel.
    • The recipient must be the presenting author and principal investigator.
    • A member may receive this grant no more than once every 5 years.
  5. Amount
    Venue of meeting Grant amount
    Europe, America RM 5,000
    Other RM 3,000
  6. Procedure
    • Qualified candidates may submit their applications:
      • By 31 November for a presentation planned for the January – June period of the following year
      • By 31 May for a presentation planned for the July – December period of the same year.
    • The application should:
      • Include a summary of the scientific paper
      • Indicate the meeting where the paper is intended for presentation.
    • Confirmed acceptance of the paper for presentation is not a prerequisite at this stage.
    • The MSO committee will determine the best entry from the applications received. No award will be made if there are deemed to be no suitable applications.
    • The winning applicant will be offered the grant, conditional upon:
      • Acceptance of the paper for presentation at the Meeting
      • Actual presentation of the paper by the member at the Meeting (‘no-show’ and ‘’withdrawn’ presentations will be disqualified)
    • The member will be disbursed the grant money after the meeting, provided that the above conditions have been met.