MSO Distinguished Service Award 2020

  1. Dr George Thomas
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MSO Service Award 2020

  1. Dr Lee Ming Yueh
  2. Dato' Dr Mohasdjone@ Mohd Johari bin Hj Mohamad
  3. Dr Naseem Mansurali Vanessa Neoh
  4. Dr Shelina binti Oli Mohamed
  5. Dr Ung Chuin Tsiang
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MSO Distinguished Service Award 2019

  1. Prof Dr Abdul Mutalib Othman
  2. Dr Shamala Retnasabapathy
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MSO Service Award 2019

  1. Dr Manoharan Shunmugam
  2. Dr Ong Chin Tuan
  3. Dr Alice Goh Siew Ching
  4. Dr Wong Hon Seng
  5. Assoc Prof Dr Amir Samsudin
  6. Dr Tiong Tung Hui
  7. Dr Kursiah Mohd Razali
  8. Dr Dennis Kong Ket Ming
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Gold Medal Award 2018

  1. Dato Dr YC Lee
  2. Dato Dr. Muthusamy a/l Palanisamy
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MSO Achievement Award 2018

  1. A Prof Khairidzan Kamal
  2. A Prof Liza Sharmini Ahmad Tajudin
  3. A Prof Mimiwati Zahari
  4. A Prof Shatriah Ismail
  5. Dr Azura Ramlee
  6. Dr Fazilawati Qamaruddin
  7. Dr Go Eng Soon
  8. Dr Jamalia Rahmat
  9. Dr Kenneth Fong
  10. Dr Lee Mun Wai
  11. Dr Miswanudin Mahyudin
  12. Dr Mohd Aziz Husni
  13. Dr Norlina Ramli
  14. Dr. Aziz Husni
  15. Prof Visvaraja Subrayan
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Gold Medal Award 2017

  1. Dr. Goh Pik Pin
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MSO Achievement Award 2017

  1. Dr. Lee Seow Yeang
  2. Dr. Chin Pik Kee
  3. Dr. Jonathan Choon
  4. Dr. Fang Seng Kheong
  5. Dr. Nor Fariza bt Ngah
  6. Dr. Then Kong Yong
  7. Dr. Rozita bt Ahmad
  8. Dr Nurliza bt Khalidin
  9. Dr. Ang Ee Ling
  10. Dr. Tan Niap Ming
  11. Dr. Lim Kian Seng
  12. Dr. Tara Mary George
  13. Datin Dr Thayanithi ap K Sandragasu
  14. Dr. Wan Zalina Bt Mohd Zain
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MSO Travel Grant Awardees

2017 Dr Chan Jan Bond
2016 Dr Vanitha Hema Ratnalingam
Dr Khaw Adeline Mae Li
2015 Dr.Yong Geng Yi
Dr. Khaw Lay San
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MSO Poster Subsidy Awardees

2016 Dr Wendy See Yen Nee
Dr Amalina Binti Juares
Dr Christina Ng Wei Kee
Dr Dr Arvinth al Rajagopal
Dr Lathalakshmi Thangavelu
Dr Loh Chow Chin
Dr Farah Binti Abu Bakar
Dr Goh Yew Jen
Dr Lim I-Liang
Dr Ngoo Qi Zhe
Dr Norihan Binti Ibrahim
Dr Nurulhuda Binti Ariffin
Dr Raja Nor Farahiyah binti Raja Othman
Dr Seow Shu Yee
Dr Tengku Nuramiriah Fatishah Binti Tengku Amir Farouk Shaifula
Dr Wai Yong Zheng
Dr Wilson Wong Jun Jie
Dr Wu Shin Yin
Dr Chong Soh Yee
Dr Liew Yee Chain
2015 Dr Christina Ng Wei Khee
Dr Ee Chye Li
Dr Wu Shin Yin
2014 Dr Kenneth Teow Kheng Leong
Dr Ng Seok Hui
Dr Nik Nazihah bt Nik Azis
Dr Poh Khay Wei
Dr Tan Sor Earn
Dr Wan Radziah bt Wan Nawang
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APAO Distinguished Service Award

2018 Dr Tan Niap Ming
2017 Prof Mimiwati Zahari
JS Wong
2016 Kian Seng Lim
Thayanithi Sandragasu
2015 Intan Anak Gudom
Mohtar Ibrahim
2014 Vasantha Kumar Thangasamy
2013 Nor Fariza Ngah
2012 Zuraidah Mustari
2011 Mariam Ismail
2007 Seng Kheong Fang
Anusiah Selvathurai
2006 Bethel Indira Livingstone
Ropilah Abdul Rahman
2003 George Thomas
2001 Dato Veera Ramani
Gomathy Kumar Arumugam
1997 Jenny P Deva
Dunstan Fernandez
Lee Yooi Chyun
1987 Sivaguru Selvarajah
Pall Singh
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APAO The Outstanding Service in Prevention of Blindness Awards

2018 Dr Chin Pik Kee
2016 Mohamad Aziz Salowi
2015 Peter Kong Vui Yin
2013 Yean Yaw Choong
2012 Dennis Kong
2011 Pik Pin Goh
2007 Ismail MD Salleh
2005 William G Brohier
2003 Keshmahinder Singh
2001 S Selvarajah
Pall Singh
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APAO Achievement Award

2017 Kenneth Fong
2016 Fang Seng Kheong
Visvaraja Subrayan
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APAO Young Ophthalmologist Clinician Award

2018 Dr Premala Dewi Sivagurunathan
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(revision of March 2015)

  1. Source of funding - MSO
  2. Purpose
    • To encourage the presentation of original research by Malaysian ophthalmologists and trainees at an international level.
    • The presentation will be in the form of an oral presentation of a scientific research paper. Invited didactic lectures are excluded.
    • Meetings eligible
      • APAO Congress
      • WCO
      • ESCRS Meeting
      • AAO Annual Meeting
      • ARVO Annual Meeting
      • Subspecialty meetings of an equivalent level*
        *to be decided on a case-by-case basis
  3. Number of grants available
    • One grant per half year, i.e. Jan – Jun (1), Jul – Dec (1)
  4. Eligibility and conditions
    • The recipient must have been a member of the MSO for at least 1 year at the time of travel.
    • The recipient must be the presenting author and principal investigator.
    • A member may receive this grant no more than once every 5 years.
  5. Amount
    Venue of meeting Grant amount
    Europe, America RM 5,000
    Other RM 3,000
  6. Procedure
    • Qualified candidates may submit their applications:
      • By 31 November for a presentation planned for the January – June period of the following year
      • By 31 May for a presentation planned for the July – December period of the same year.
    • The application should:
      • Include a summary of the scientific paper
      • Indicate the meeting where the paper is intended for presentation.
    • Confirmed acceptance of the paper for presentation is not a prerequisite at this stage.
    • The MSO committee will determine the best entry from the applications received. No award will be made if there are deemed to be no suitable applications.
    • The winning applicant will be offered the grant, conditional upon:
      • Acceptance of the paper for presentation at the Meeting
      • Actual presentation of the paper by the member at the Meeting (‘no-show’ and ‘’withdrawn’ presentations will be disqualified)
    • The member will be disbursed the grant money after the meeting, provided that the above conditions have been met.
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This Award is established to encourage ophthalmic research among young Malaysian Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology trainees. It is made possible by a grant from Novartis Malaysia, to the value of RM4,000 per year for a period of 6 years.


Shortlisted scientific papers will be presented orally at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the MSO. A panel of judges appointed by the MSO committee will select the winning papers for 2 categories: Retina and Non-retina. There will be 4 awards:

Retina paper First prize RM 1,500
Second prize RM 500
Non-retina paper First prize RM 1,500
Second prize RM 500

The awards will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the MSO.


MSO members under the age of 45 years.


Applicants must be the main author or the project leader.
Case reports are not acceptable.
The main part of the work must have been conducted in Malaysia.
The project must have been completed within the last 3 years.
The applicant must not have won this prize in the past 3 years.
Any authors involved in the project will not be included in the shortlisting and judging committee.

Procedure for participation

A call for abstracts will be made at the time of the announcement of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the MSO.
Abstracts must be received by the stipulated deadline, using the format provided, together with registration and payment for the Annual Scientific Meeting.
A vetting committee will shortlist the papers for presentation.
Authors of papers selected for presentation will be notified.

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1. Source of funding MSO general fund
2. Eligibility MSO members who are:
a. Trainees (Associate Members)
b. Ophthalmologists within 1 year of postgraduate qualification
3. Claimable item Printing of scientific poster
4. Amount RM150.00 (fixed sum)
5. Meetings reimbursable
  • MSO Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Annual UKM-USM-UM Ophthalmology Meeting
  • Malaysia-Singapore / Singapore-Malaysia Joint Meeting
Other Regional or International meetings will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For meetings not listed above, please write in to apply.
6. Conditions / Limits
  • Each doctor may be reimbursed for not more than 1 poster per year.
  • Actual presentation of poster at the meeting (‘no-show’ and ‘’withdrawn’ presentations will not be considered).
  • Approval of funding is subject to the discretion and final decision of the MSO Committee.
7. Documents required
  • Claim Slip [ Download ]
    • The claim slip must be filled in completely and legibly, and submitted to the MSO Secretariat within 1 month of the close of the meeting.
    • The claim will be reviewed at the following Committee meeting, and a cheque will be issued to the Doctor after approval.
  • Original receipt for the printing of the poster
  • Photostatted page of abstract from Programme Book
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