This Award is established to encourage ophthalmic research among young Malaysian Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology trainees. It is made possible by a grant from Novartis Malaysia, to the value of RM4,000 per year for a period of 6 years.


Shortlisted scientific papers will be presented orally at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the MSO. A panel of judges appointed by the MSO committee will select the winning papers for 2 categories: Retina and Non-retina. There will be 4 awards:

Retina paper First prize RM 1,500
Second prize RM 500
Non-retina paper First prize RM 1,500
Second prize RM 500

The awards will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the MSO.


MSO members under the age of 45 years.


Applicants must be the main author or the project leader.
Case reports are not acceptable.
The main part of the work must have been conducted in Malaysia.
The project must have been completed within the last 3 years.
The applicant must not have won this prize in the past 3 years.
Any authors involved in the project will not be included in the shortlisting and judging committee.

Procedure for participation

A call for abstracts will be made at the time of the announcement of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the MSO.
Abstracts must be received by the stipulated deadline, using the format provided, together with registration and payment for the Annual Scientific Meeting.
A vetting committee will shortlist the papers for presentation.
Authors of papers selected for presentation will be notified.