There are various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that MSO members can connect with. These members-only communities are created to foster connections and share knowledge.

Listed below are SIGs and their respective chairpersons (whose contact emails are available in our Members LOGIN page). MSO members are also reminded to update their member profiles, indicating their areas of sub-specialities, after logging in.

Special Interest Group (SIG)    Chairperson Contact details
Paediatric Dr Choong Yee Fong [via member login]
Uveitis Dr Shelina Binti Oli Mohamed [via member login]
Malaysian Glaucoma Society (MGS) Dr Fang Seng Kheong [via member login]
Malaysian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (MSCRS)   Dr Lee Mun Wai [via member login]
Cornea Dr John Mathen [via member login]
Malaysian Young Ophthalmologists (MYOSIG) Dr Sudhashini Chandrasekaran   [via member login]
Malaysia Advocacy for Myopia Prevention (MAMP) Dr Safinaz Mohd Khialdin [via member login]
Retina Dr Barkeh Hanim Jumaat [via member login]
Oculoplastics Dr Vanessa Mansurali [via member login]
Borneo Ophthalmic Surgical Symposium (BOSS) Dr Dennis Kong [via member login]