1. Source of funding MSO general fund
2. Eligibility MSO members who are:
a. Trainees (Associate Members)
b. Ophthalmologists within 1 year of postgraduate qualification
3. Claimable item Printing of scientific poster
4. Amount RM150.00 (fixed sum)
5. Meetings reimbursable
  • MSO Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Annual UKM-USM-UM Ophthalmology Meeting
  • Malaysia-Singapore / Singapore-Malaysia Joint Meeting
Other Regional or International meetings will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For meetings not listed above, please write in to apply.
6. Conditions / Limits
  • Each doctor may be reimbursed for not more than 1 poster per year.
  • Actual presentation of poster at the meeting (‘no-show’ and ‘’withdrawn’ presentations will not be considered).
  • Approval of funding is subject to the discretion and final decision of the MSO Committee.
7. Documents required
  • Claim Slip [ Download ]
    • The claim slip must be filled in completely and legibly, and submitted to the MSO Secretariat within 1 month of the close of the meeting.
    • The claim will be reviewed at the following Committee meeting, and a cheque will be issued to the Doctor after approval.
  • Original receipt for the printing of the poster
  • Photostatted page of abstract from Programme Book