General Information

  1. The Video Producer must be a registered and current MSO Member before submitting the video. Maximum of 1 submission per producer is allowed. Kindly visit Membership for more details.
  2. Confirmation email will be sent out once the Abstract has been received and guidelines for Video submission will be enclosed.
  3. The Producer must submit an Abstract first followed by the related Video.
  4. The decision of the panel of judges will be final.
  5. Submission will include implied consent by the producer(s) for the video to be posted on Borneo Ophthalmology Youtube channel
  6. For submissions from Brunei, kindly email for submission details.

Submission closing date :

Abstract Submission By 10 October 2021
Video title (limited to 20 words)
Abstract (limited to 120 words)
Video Submission By 10 November 2021
Final video

The best videos will be selected for presentation in actual event and all submissions will be uploaded to Borneo Ophthalmology YouTube channel.

STEP 1: Guidelines for Abstract submissions:

  1. Video ABSTRACT text must be submitted in English, typewritten in font size 12 point Arial - Limited to 120 words.
  2. Video title - limited to 20 words
  3. Each main producer is allowed to select and submit for ONE (1) Category only – Open or YO (Young ophthalmologists or trainees below 40).
  4. Abstracts must be submitted before the stipulated deadline in order to qualify for the video submissions.
  5. Once the abstract is successfully submitted, please check the confi­rmation email on the next step required for the video submission.
  6. All abstract must be submitted by end of 10th October 2021.

STEP 2: Guidelines for Video submissions:

  1. Narration, in English, is vital for the video. The narration should be of high quality without "popping Ps" and echo chamber effects.
  2. English subtitles may be used.
  3. Music is an important element of the video but it should not overpower the narration or distract the viewer. Please ensure to use copyright-free music to avoid any compliance issues
  4. Videos which are deemed to be offensive by the committee because of racial, sexual, political or religious content will be disqualified. The decision of the committee is final.
  5. Main Producers whose videos have been selected for the video festival should attend the event and be prepared to answer any questions pertaining to the video contents.
  6. Only ONE (1) video submission allowed per main producer.
  7. Videos can cover all aspects of cataract surgery including interesting and challenging cases, practical surgical tips that can be readily adopted by attendees or even teaching aids to mastering certain surgical skills eg capsulorhexis,etc.
  8. The contents must be understandable to an English-speaking person.
  9. Please check the abstract submission confi­rmation email which has instructions on how to submit for the video submission. For enquiries, please email to :
  10. All videos must be submitted by end of 10th November 2021.

Technical Guidelines:

  1. Opening credits should include financial interest statement.
  2. Video should not exceed 8 minutes. Exceeded portions (including opening introduction and closing credits) will be disqualified.
  3. Video must be properly labelled with the main producer's name and the title of the video should not exceed 20 words. The title on the label must match the title submitted and the title presented in the video.
  4. The video should be shown on screen as seen by the surgeon with images of the eye surgery filling most of the screen.
  5. Graphics, schematic illustrations and animation can be used to clarify points.
  6. Acknowledgement of prior investigators and contributors is required.
  7. The video should not be a recorded powerpoint presentation.

Video Specifications

Video TITLE - Limited to 20 words.
Format: MPEG-4 (MP4)
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Codec: H.264
Preferred resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
File size: not more than 500mb

For enquiries, please email to :